"GO on Employment Statistics" strategy

Development concept

In the case of market events such as employment statistics or policy interest rates, the exchange rate can fluctuate to one side or the other, so use this feature to place an OCO order immediately before and use one of the contracted positions to make a profit. A trading tool intended to be taken.
Also use breakeven stops to increase profits.

◎ Functional specifications
1,Break even stop function

◎ Order image
GO video by employment and statistics

◎ Demo version can be downloaded from the following site.
FX automatic trading channel

◎ Evidence when the OCO order of “buy” was completed because the yen depreciated during the employment statistics on 2013/12/6

◎ Evidence that 2013 hours after the employment statistics announcement on 12/6/XNUMX, the stop loss has been raised by the trailing function.

◎ Parameter explanation
・ Magic: Magic number
・ Lots: Number of lots
-MaxCnt: Maximum number of positions
・ ProfitPips: Profit pips
・ LosscutPips: Maximum loss pips
・ BreakEven: Breakeven pips
・ TrailingStop: Trailing stop pips
-TrapIntervalPips: OCO interval pips
-OcoCancel: Cancels one order when OCO order is executed (default: no).
・ RefreshMode: EA operates at automatic refresh interval. (Default: no)
* If you start EA in automatic update mode, please stop EA by the following procedure.
を Press the EA stop button.
再 Reset the setting parameter of the automatic update mode to 0 again.
起動 Start EA.
を Press the EA stop button.
-SleepTime: Automatic update interval second
・ OpenDateTime: Place an OCO order at the specified time.
The product version can be specified up to "seconds". Free trial version can be specified up to "minutes".
・ CloseDateTime: Closes the open position and order at the specified time.

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