"Loss cut setting entrusted" strategy

The other day, Bank of Japan Governor Kuroda stated that monetary easing would not be for the moment,

The dollar / yen pair fell sharply but then returned to a high of XNUMX.

At that time, the loss cut of the dollar / yen position where you were short

As we moved to near the highest value, as a result, we did not return beyond that value,

I thought it would be useful to move the loss cut to the nearest candle height.

* Generally, the high and low prices of the candlestick are said to be the breakout points.

So it should make sense to set that point as a loss cut.

Therefore, we have released the following strategies.

・ In the case of a buy position, the loss cut is moved to the lowest candlestick in the last N (default XNUMX).

・ In the case of a sell position, move the loss cut to the highest value of the candlestick before the last N (default XNUMX).

◎ Image of the loss cut value moving while automatically setting the loss cut value to the highest value and the lowest value of the latest candlestick

Supports the highest and lowest candlestick loss cut settings and movements. Close-up function.
Leave the loss cut setting
Leave the loss cut setting | fx-on.com

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