Added discretionary payment function and trigger price judgment mode to Discretionary Payment Support PRO (V3.5).

"Discretionary settlement support PRO”Added a closing function and trigger price judgment mode.

1. Hand closing function

The parameters added this time are as follows.

・ TejimaiMode: Hand-up mode
0: Do not use manual mode (default)
1: Close all tickets
2: Close all tickets (buy only)
3: Close all tickets (sale only)
4: Close all positions
5: Close all positions (buy only)
6: Close all positions (sell only)
7: Close all orders
8: Close all orders (buy only)
9: Close all orders (sell only)
-TejimaiTime: Please set the date and time to finish.

In addition, if you specify a magic number, you can support not only discretionary positions but also systole positions as shown below.

・ If it is 0, only the discretionary position is monitored, and the set time is closed.

-In the case of -1, all discretionary positions + systole positions are monitored, and the set time is closed.

-In the case of the magic number of the systre position, only the magic number of the systre position is monitored, and the set time is closed.

With this new feature, for example, we believe we can automate the closing of positions we have before employment statistics or the closing of weekend positions.

2. Trigger price judgment mode

BreakEvenStop is started after the set trigger price is exceeded.

・ Additional parameters
TriggerPriceBuy: Trigger price (for buy position)
TriggerPriceSell: Trigger price (for sell position)

By selecting the above mode,
For example, by setting the price of the support line and resistance line to the trigger price,
I think we can aim for a profitable and profitable trade.

The above mode can be used by setting the following parameter value to 2.
・ BreakEvenStopMode
1: Normal, 2: Candle judgment, 3: Trigger price judgment (default 1)

Settlement position settlement support (multiple support). Trailing after securing profits. Sistre position settlement is possible.
Discretionary settlement support PRO

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