How to enjoy the benefits of carrying forward losses for three years using overseas FX

When using an overseas FX securities company, unlike a domestic securities company,

We thought we couldn't carry over the losses in the last three years, but the answer below seems to be OK.

Q7: I registered as a sole proprietorship, regardless of whether I am a domestic or overseas company.
Can profits be miscellaneous income or business income?
A7: If the sole proprietor is doing business and has filed a blue declaration,
Business income can be carried forward for three years.
After registering as a sole proprietor, is it possible to select the one that is convenient for miscellaneous income or business income?
Please consult with each tax office and declare.

When you file your final tax return,

After registering as a sole proprietor, you must file a final tax return as business income.

* Losses cannot be carried over when recorded as miscellaneous income (general tax).

Strategy developers like me or traders who run personal blogs

For those who are registered as sole proprietors (the main business is system development and website management),

・ Improve operational funds by leveraging XNUMX times or more

・ No additional proof by the zero cut system that Japanese brokers do not have

Isn't it worth considering trading with overseas FX that has the merits of?

2016/02/12 postscript

At a later date, I checked the tax office again by phone,

If there was repeated and ongoing evidence, it was recognized as a business.

In other words, like a salaryman, it is not a trade only on Saturdays and Sundays,

If you're a professional trader every day, submit the relevant evidence and you'll earn your business if the tax office is able to make sure that it's an ongoing business.

2016/08/06 postscript

FX tax measures! Think about when to become a sole proprietor / corporate

Article is also helpful.

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