Success Story of “Box Breakout Order-kun” Part 1

"Box breakout order”For parameter setting when trading is successful.

It is described below.

・ Successful period: Around 2015 / 1
・ FUNDA = -1 (sale only)
・ Setting values ​​of ADX and OSMA parameters (MACDBound = 3, periodADX = 9, underADX = 20, upperADX = 50)
-Loss cut set value: losscutPips (30)
・ Breakout box time (9: 00-15: 00)
・ Usage time (15 minutes)
・ BreakEven (10), TrailingStop (10)
-TrapIntervalPips (10)
・ Currency used (EURUSD)
・ Used securities company (FXCM)


In addition, the following answer was received from the purchased "Shan River" the other day, so let me introduce it.

—– Cocokara

Hello I am the first post, but thank you. I wanted to take a break from 3pm to 4pm in Japan time, so I set a small box for Tokyo trading time.
The entry is at 19:51 Japan time and the exit is at 21:41. It was +55 pips. It will be very helpful.
・ Setting values ​​of ADX and OSMA related parameters
MACDBound: 2.0, periodADX: 12, upperADX: 50, underADX: 20
Loss cut set value: 30
・ Breakout box
BreakOutStartHourJPN: 12, BreakOutEndHourJPN: 15
・ Usage time: 15 minutes
・ BreakEven, TrailingStop set value
BreakEven: 10, TrailingStop: 10
-TrapIntervalPips setting value: 10
・ Currency: Euro dollar
・ Used securities company: XM

—– Cocomade


The value of MACDBound is set to the default 3.0, so if you want to increase the number of entries, I think that it is better to set it to about 2.0, 1.0.

The loss cut setting value: losscutPips is the default 0, but in my case it is set to about 30. If you make a short loss cut setting, it will be cut by noise, so I think 30 to 100 is good depending on the market situation.


Box breakout order support tool using OsMA and ADX. Trailing after securing profits.
Box breakout order
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