How to purchase "Exhibition EA of METAQUOTES"

The procedure for purchasing an overseas EA registered with METAQUOTES is as follows.

0. Since it is assumed that you have a PayPal account as a payment method, if you do not have a PayPal account, please open an account (including credit card registration).


And press the “Registration” button.

2. Enter your login name and e-mail address and press the “Get account” button.

3. Record your password when you receive the verification email.

4. Again,

Go to, enter your ID and password and press the "Login" button.

5. From Settings → Security, set the e-mail (If you do not set the same as the paypal e-mail, you will get a payment error.

5. Press “Payment” → “Deposit to account” → PayPal “Deposit”.

6. Enter the deposit amount corresponding to the desired purchase EA and press “Deposit to account”.

7. Press “Comfirm payment”.

8. Press “Pay from PayPal account”.

9. Press “Agree and continue”.

10. Check the deposit reflection.

◎ Continue to the introduction procedure.

We will disseminate information on automatic trading software development that will support FX users.
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