Combination of CycleTrapAsianBreak_GBPJPY and CycleTrapMACD_SCAL_GBPJPY

Looking back on 2015, in the strategies I have released so far, the following is not a big drawdown,

I think that I made a big profit and survived.

◎ CycleTrapAsianBreak_GBPJPY

To express the characteristics of CycleTrapAsianBreak_GBPJPY in one word,

・ Event-driven loss and profit trend follow-up

・ There are not many entries

・ Home run batter



To express the characteristics of CycleTrapMACD_SCAL_GBPJPY in one word,

・ Scalping

・ There are so many entries

・ Slash making machine


The result of combining the above 2EA with the FX-ON portfolio function is as follows.

During the China shock that occurred around this fall,

Both CycleTrapAsianBreak_GBPJPY and CycleTrapMACD_SCAL_GBPJPY have been on the trend well, and as a result, I was old ^^.

On the other hand, when the home run batter's CycleTrapAsianBreak_GBPJPY is in poor condition, the hitting machine's CycleTrapMACD_SCAL_GBPJPY is in good condition, and the former compensates for the latter loss.

In terms of system trading, we believe that it is possible to win more in total if a portfolio that complements the malfunction of an EA is formed instead of using only one EA.

◎ CycleTrapAsianBreak_GBPJPY

EA to enter using Asian Box Breakout. Backtest verified for the past 11 years.
CycleTrapAsianBreak2_GBPJPY |


A trend-following EA that uses MACD for profit and loss. PF 1.65, MD 4. 81%.

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