CycleTrapBAND_GBPJPY strategy to calculate and settle the profit / loss of all positions

◎ Strategy Overview

・ Following trend-following EA using Bollinger Bands.
Profit factor 1.57, maximum drawdown 7.33%.
・ GBP / JPY 15 minutes only.
-An EA that calculates profits and losses for all positions.
・ Closed by internal logic.
・ Transaction time is limited to 15: 00-26: 00 Japan time.
・ Hand-over design that does not carry over the position to the next week.
・ No picking up, no martingale.

◎ Back test

◎ Forward test

It has been about a month since it was released, but there is no big drawdown and it is going up smoothly.

In addition, because it is an EA that calculates and settles the profits and losses of all positions, it can be successfully settled simultaneously for both positions ^^.

Follow-up trend with loss and profit using Bollinger Bands. PF1.57, MD 7.33%
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