Demodulate "CycleTrapImpulse_GBPJPY" strategy

The “CycleTrapImpulse_GBPJPY” strategy, which was in a bad state immediately after the release test, has been demodulated as follows.

In mid-August, it was out of tune with three consecutive losses, but with a nine-game win after that, it was in the minus range.

It looks like a professional baseball pennant race, but ^^.

Technically, “ElderImpulse”Is used.

◎ Currency used


◎ Usage time

15 minutes

◎ Back test

Profit factor is 3.71, maximum drawdown is 3.57%, and it is an excellent category among the strategies I have developed so far.

The first 50 people will be offered at a discounted price of 19,800 → 9,800.

A trend-following EA that uses ElderImpulse and is profitable. PF 3.71, MD 3.57%.
CycleTrapImpulse_GBPJPY |

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