MT4 Securities Company's word of mouth (negative)

ALPARI (MT4 of British capital)


(2014 / 07 / 15 9: 59 AM)
If you get a beard on Friday and update the chart the next week, the beard of the coral on Friday will be shorter.
Obviously this is an illegal operation. Someone protest
I can't seem to be swallowed ...

Surprised (2014 / 06 / 16 10: 28 AM)
After that, there was an official announcement on the ALPARI website. > 2014 year 6 month 16 day (Monday), Japan time: 6 hour 0 minute, the rate distribution of the MT4 account, there was an event that an incorrect rate was distributed in some currency pairs.
[MT4 Standard Account / MT4 Pro Account]
NZD / CHF We are currently investigating your transaction for the extent of the effect of the wrong rate.
We will update the announcement as soon as details are confirmed.

Surprised (2014 / 06 / 16 9: 02 AM)
This morning, there was a momentary rise of 200pips in the Swiss franc, 2000pips in the euro, the 7700pips in the pound, and the 5500pips in the pound. Such a movement could not be confirmed by other contractors. What do you mean by singing NDD?

no7 (2014 / 04 / 24 4: 20 PM)
Alpari MT4's spread is narrow
Sometimes it doesn't make money unless it is fraudulent! ? ?
I just think about that.
The same MT4 cyber agent has more than double spread, so if you do something wrong with this, you can't wait.
In addition to the fear of dealing with cuts of money, trading is too risky, including the fraudulent nature of the traders.

Specialized trader (2014 / 04 / 19 4: 22 PM)
It ’s an impression of using Alpari,
There is a beard that I can't see any other company's rate, so I can't convince a slip that is more than stop + 10pips. In addition, there is a beard of 4pips that is not found in other companies near the closing price on Friday, 18.
If overseas is a device for this time of the holiday, it should also be on the charts of other companies ... it can only be considered malicious ...
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