Introduction of overseas strategies (Pro Scalp)

This is a price action called “Pro Scalp”, that is, a strategy of scalping profitable scoring based on the movement of candlesticks.

It was developed by an Australian person named Wim Schrynemakers.

Among the developers who provide EAs for metaquotes, they belong to a fairly good category (as far as I have observed metaquotes so far).

◎ Target currency

Mainly EURUSD (other currencies are possible). It is possible to operate with currency of spread within 1pips.

◎ Available securities companies

This is a broker-independent strategy, both domestically and internationally.

◎ Back test

With a profit factor of 2.7 and a maximum drawdown of 0.94%, this is a high profit and low risk strategy.

What is worth mentioning is that, despite the scalping strategy, we have realized a small profit and loss despite the maximum profit 35.39pips, average profit 3.06pips, maximum loss-1.91pips, average loss-1.25pips. On the other hand, since most of the scalping strategies sold in Japan are profitable, that is, tsutsukudokan, the world is wide when a strategy that breaks down the concept is released (ノ ゚ ο ゚). -..

In addition, I am proud that I am good at developing day-tracing and swing strategies that follow profitable and profitable trends, and rarely buy other developers' strategies.

This time, we purchased this strategy for the purpose of pursuing excellent scalping logic (if possible, we want to analyze and absorb entry / exit).

◎ Usage time

1 hour

◎ Forward test

◎ Evaluation

Even in metaquotes, reviews by foreigners are posted immediately, probably due to the high-profile strategy, and it is generally highly rated.

◎ Price

$ 450 (as of 2015 / 9 / 23)

PRO SCALP is now launched with introductory price of 390 $ !!

New features will constantly be implemented to create the ultimate scalper and thus price will go up in the future!

As the developer commented, the price started from 390 dollars, but the bullish remark that the price increases every time the version is upgraded seems to be quite confident.

* 2015 / 9 / 23 is currently upgraded to V3.0.

Introduction preparation and introduction procedures are summarized below, so if you are interested, please refer to it.

◎ Introduction preparation procedure

◎ Introduction procedure

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