Development history of "Box Breakout Order-kun" strategy

It is said that it was invented by Rob Booker, who is called the US charismatic FX coach

The “box breakout” method,

To be honest, I have never heard of a trader in Japan who did well.

I also tried it with Eurodol,

All the tricks seemed to ridicule individual traders by Western hedge funds,

Orz you have a bitter experience that was just lost.

That's why somehow in the “box breakout” method,

I've always been thinking about reducing cheating.

Then, as a means to reduce cheating, we decided to develop a "Box Breakout Orderer" strategy that implements the following features.

XNUMX, Filtering entries by technical

XNUMX. Set the effective time of stop order

For XNUMX, use OsMA, ADX technical,

For OsMA, filtering is applied to the entry at the time of box breakout by strength (= height of peaks and valleys), and for ADX, by inclination (= rising to the right).

For XNUMX, the order is set to stop order and the validity period of the order (default XNUMX minutes) is set. This is a certain pips (default XNUMX) away from the time of box breakout

I place a stop order,

If there is a strong trend, the position is taken within the effective time,

If there is no strong trend, cancel without taking a position within the valid time
It became the specification which becomes.

After the strategy is completed, actually try using “Box Break Order” on your own account,

In the following market situation,

In other words, you are out of the box, exceed the OsMA threshold, and ADX is rising

When you enter at such times, it is better than simply entering a box breakout

We have confirmed that it is effective, so we have released this tool.

◎ Order image

◎ Settlement

For payment,Break even stop functionBy
The trailer (default XNUMX) will be applied after the profit has been obtained up to the minimum profit securing Pips (default XNUMX), so there is no possibility that the profit will go back and it will be lost.

◎ Recommended currency

It is recommended to use EURUSD, which is easy to be aware of "box breakout" trade, but try backtesting in other currencies and apply to a good performing currency,

Or, if you are in the same account, you can run multiple "Box Breakout Orders",
It is an ant to set up multiple currency pairs.

◎ Recommended time bar
XNUMX minutes, XNUMX minutes, XNUMX minutes.

The time bar used in technical calculations (OsMA, ADX) uses the values ​​set by the timeframeMACD and timeframeADX parameters (default XNUMX, meaning the time bar of the applied chart).
In this case, the calculation result will differ depending on the time chart of the chart to be applied, so the entry timing will change.

* By customizing timeframeMACD and timeframeADX to values ​​other than 0, it is possible to fix the time bar used in technical calculations.

◎ Recommended filter
・ If you want to enter the market with momentum in the market because the number of transactions is small.

MACDBound = 3, periodADX = 9, upperADX = 50, upperADX = 20 (default)

・ If you want to enter many transactions

MACDBound = 1, periodADX = 14, upperADX = 50, upperADX = 20

◎ Recommended box breakout time

・ Asian box breakout (XNUMX: XNUMX-XNUMX: XNUMX) (default)

・ London Box Breakout (XNUMX: XNUMX-XNUMX: XNUMX)

-Daily box breakout on the previous day (-XNUMX: XNUMX-XNUMX:XNUMX)

◎ Back test

・ EURUSD (2012 / 1-2014 / 12)

15 minutes, MACDBound = 3, periodADX = 9, underADX = 20, upperADX = 50

In addition, the current market situation of Eurodor is chaotic and we can not show the direction,

After the FOMC (US Federal Open Market Committee) announced early on 9/18,

In the future, it will be clear whether the United States will raise interest rates and the fundamentals in the future will be clear, so since then,

I think it is good to set and operate the FUNDA parameter: (1 for buy only, "-1" for sell only).

◎ Product version

Box breakout order support tool using OsMA and ADX. Trailing after securing profits.
Box breakout order

◎ Package version (Recommended because it is cheaper per unit than purchasing the product version)

Box breakout order |

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