"EA Stop-kun 3" indicator

◎ Indicator overview
1. Stop and start the EA at the set time.
2. You can set to stop or not to stop for each day of the week.

◎ Comment
As you can see by using an analysis tool such as EA Analyzer, EA performance is quite different for each day of the week.
If you want to operate EA from what time to what time, and what day of the week EA will not work,
I think this indicator can be used.

◎ Image when EA is stopped (Chart background color changes when EA is stopped)



◎ Description of parameters (Please set local PC time for all times)

SunStop (true: stop, false: do not stop)
SunStopHour (time to stop EA)
SunStopMinute (minute to stop EA)
SunStartHour (time to start EA)
SunStartMinute (for starting EA)

MonStop (true: stop, false: do not stop)
MonStopHour (Time to stop EA)
MonStopMinute (minute to stop EA)
MonStartHour (time to start EA)
MonStartMinute (for starting EA)

TueStop (true: stop, false: do not stop)
TueStopHour (Time to stop EA)
TueStopMinute (minute to stop EA)
TueStartHour (Time to start EA)
TueStartMinute (minute to start EA)

WedStop (true: stop, false: do not stop)
WedStopHour (Time to stop EA)
WedStopMinute (minute to stop EA)
WedStartHour (time to start EA)
WedStartMinute (minute to start EA)

ThuStop (true: stop, false: do not stop)
ThuStopHour (Time to stop EA)
ThuStopMinute (minute to stop EA)
ThuStartHour (Time to start EA)
ThuStartMinute (minute to start EA)

FriStop (true: stop, false: do not stop)
FriStopHour (Time to stop EA)
FriStopMinute (minute to stop EA)
FriStartHour (Time to start EA)
FriStartMinute (for starting EA)

SatStop (true: stop, false: do not stop)
SatStopHour (Time to stop EA)
SatStopMinute (minute to stop EA)
SatStartHour (time to start EA)
SatStartMinute (minute to start EA)

UpdateSecond (indicator update seconds)

inactiveChartColor (chart background color when stopped)

◎ Please try the demo version below.
Demo version

◎ Please use the file under the Indicators folder.
◎ Tools on MT4 menu ▶ ︎Option ▶ ︎ On the “Expert Advisor” tab
Please check the “Allow use of DLL” checkbox.
◎ Although it has been developed so that it can be operated by any EA-operable company, brokers that are not displayed as EA-operable companies have never been operated, so 100% guarantee cannot be made.
◎ Please use it after practicing with a demo account.
◎ We cannot compensate for the loss resulting from the actual transaction. Thank you at your own risk.


Stop and start the EA at the set time.
EA Stop-kun 3
EA Stop-kun 3 |
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