"CycleTrapAsianBreak2" strategy wins over 200,000 in three consecutive wins

The “CycleTrapAsianBreak2” strategy won over 200,000 in three consecutive wins ^^.

Although it has been about 3 months since the release, it has been positive for 3 consecutive months.

The profit factor is 7.43.

The feature of “CycleTrapAsianBreak2” is that there is a tendency to make a big profit when the volatility of the market is intense.

・ At the time of the fall of Shanghai stocks in early July, it was over 100,000 for four consecutive wins.

・ At the time of the global simultaneous stock decline in late August, the number of consecutive wins exceeded 200,000.

In the coming September and October, the volatility market will continue,

I think that the ability of this strategy will be demonstrated even during that period.

A trend-following EA that aims for an Asian time breakout. PF 1.49, MD 9.25%.
CycleTrapAsianBreak2_GBPJPY | fx-on.com

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