Breakout Sudan-kun's application (adding a turn order to systre positions)

It is possible to place a turn order of “Breakout Turn-off” for positions taken at Systre.

The specific procedure is described below.

1. Set the magic number of the systole position in the magic parameter in the parameter setting of “Breakout Rumble”, and run it in another chart of the same currency as the systole.

For example, if the magic number of the systole position is 2000, set 2000 to the magic parameter of “Breakout Stumble”.
By this, at the timing when the systre position was taken,
The position of “Breakout Lazy” (magic number 2001) is taken.



2. The systre position is taken.


3. A turnover order is placed at the timing when the systre position is taken.

* In this case, magic + 1 is used as the magic number for the turnover order, so make sure that it does not overlap with the magic number used in the existing EA.


4. After that, the behavior for the systore position and the turnover order is the same as the normal “breakout turnout” behavior.

Specifically, if the systole position goes in the trend direction and profit settlement is made, the turnover order is canceled (= the end of the hedging role). On the other hand, if the systole position goes backward without going in the direction of the trend, the turnover order is executed and the turnover position is made, and the system position loss + the turnover position profit is settled in total.

For example, if you place a turnover order as a hedge of the position taken in “Box Breakout Order-kun”, various strategies can be taken in the “Box Breakout” trade.


An ordering tool with risk hedging that assumes a breakout point near the breakout point
Breakout Mr. |


Box breakout order support tool using OsMA and ADX. Trailing after securing profits.
Box breakout order


◎ Notes
The usage of this strategy to settle other EA positions is irregular,
Please test in the demo environment and confirm that there are no problems before using it.
In addition, please understand that any problems that occur in this case will not be supported.Box breakout order |

We will disseminate information on automatic trading software development that will support FX users.
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