“CycleTrapAsianBreak2_GBPJPY” is the largest profit 300pips✕2 positive settlement ^^

Since last week, China's first simultaneous decline in stock prices has led to a sharp appreciation of the yen.

At that time, you gain and the volatility is high,

For the "CycleTrapAsianBreak2_GBPJPY" strategy,

I sensed the volatility and took two short positions in 8 / 20.

Around 8/24 8:00, both positions are 300pips settlement with maximum profit ^^.

For now, I think it's a forward test progress that gives a passing score as a swing strategy.

EA to enter using Asian Box Breakout. Backtest verified for the past 11 years.
CycleTrapAsianBreak2_GBPJPY | fx-on.com

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