How to build an MT2 environment on Amazon EC4 (currently free for one year)

1,Amazon EC2Log in to and click “EC2”.

2. Click “Launch Instance”.

3. Click “Community AMIs”.

Search for AMIs that support Japanese in "Windows_Server-2012-R2_RTM-Japanese-64Bit-Base".

Click “Select”.

4. Check “Micro instance” and go to next.

5. Check “Protect” and “Next”.

6. For the following screens, continue to “Next”.

7. Select “Create a new key pair”, enter a name in “key pair name”, and click “Download Key Pair” to download the key.

Then “Next”.

8. Instance creation, success! ! !

Click “View Instances”.

9. Right click on the instance,

Click “Get Windows Password”.

10. Select the key downloaded earlier and click “Decrypt Password”.

11. Write down the “Destination IP”, “ID”, and “Password”.

12. Log in using a remote desktop connection tool such as Microsoft Remote Desktop.

In my case, MT2 is operated by Amazon EC4 for the following reasons.

①Easy to backup and restore with snapshot function.

For example, as shown below, depending on the number of MT4 (EA) currently in operation,

Instance configuration changes can be changed flexibly and easily.

-For micro instances, memory 1G, currently free for one year.

-For small instances, memory 2G, about 5000 yen a month.

・ In the case of medium instance, memory 4G, about 10,000 yen a month.

② The same instance can be duplicated and installed overseas.

For example, when connecting to an MT4 company with a server overseas,

EC2 instances to overseas bases (US, Europe, Singapore, etc.)

It can be easily duplicated and placed,

Effective in reducing latency that causes slippage.

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