“CycleMarketOrder2” is entered only when a trend (determined by OsMA, ADX) occurs.

In trap trading in the range market,

I think there is a risk of having an unrealized loss,

This time, the upgraded versionCycleMarketOrder2 (V2.4)"

To enter only when a trend (determined by OsMA, ADX) occurs,

It has been improved to minimize the risk of unrealized losses.

Specifically, entry will be made only when the following trend occurrence conditions are met.

◎ Trend generation conditions

・ Filter entries according to the strength of OsMA.

-Filter entries based on the slope of ADX (in the case of a rise from the ADX upper limit to the lower limit).

The parameters added by this version upgrade are as follows (customizable).

MACDBound: OsMA threshold value (the value obtained by multiplying the MACDBound value by 1 Pips corresponds to the OsMA threshold value. The default is 2, for example, the USDJPY is the OsMA threshold value 0.02.)
-PeriodADX: ADX period (default 14)
-UpperADX: ADX upper limit (default 60)
・ UnderADX: ADX lower limit (default 20)

Currently, regarding USDJPY, the depreciation of the yen is confirmed by anyone,

Furthermore, because Kuroda's statement the other day seems to be in the range of XNUMX-XNUMX yen for now,

I think it is effective to use this EA in this phase.

The conventional forward test (determined only using OsMA) is as follows.

Trap trade that enters only when a trend (determined by OsMA or ADX) occurs.
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