The situation of CycleTrapAsianBreak2 from last month's “over 100,000 wins in a row of rage”

At this time last month,CycleTrapAsianBreak2"Over XNUMX wins in stormy streak'

I have written an article, but after that, there was no big drawdown, and the profitability of fx-on for the last three months

Is also strong, with the forward ranking within XNUMXth ^^.

◎ Forward test change from winning over XNUMX

◎ Forward ranking of profit rate in last XNUMX months on fx-on

In addition, this EA has a long average holding time because of a profitable swing-based strategy,

Although the number of trades may be less than the Scal system,

That's because we use technical to filter the entries,

It is designed to be entered only at points judged to be winable.

◎ Detailed statistics for August

For payment,

"Discretionary settlement support PRO'' Is equipped with a breakeven stop function,

Because it is designed to trail after a certain profit rides,

You won't be losing money after making a profit.

I think this is one of the factors that makes it difficult to create a large drawdown.

Personally, GBPJPY is highly volatile and difficult for novice traders to do at their discretion,

I think it is a currency for Sistre.

In addition, about the price of this EA, until a certain number is sold,

Among the EAs sold for XNUMX yen and fx-on,

Since it is a middle class price setting, how is it in one of the portfolios?

A profit-following trend follower that aims for a breakout in Asian time. PF XNUMX, MD XNUMX%
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