"Breakout Rotation" strategy

◎ Utility
If you reach the price you expect to break out (= breakout price)
If you break out as it is, profit will be increased by the position taken in that direction,
Even if you take a position and do not break out and go backwards,
As a risk hedge, do entry (= turnaround) in the opposite direction with twice the lot,
We aim to make a total profit.

◎ Strategy Overview
-Place a stop order for the price that you expect to break out (breakout price).
・ When a “buy” limit order is executed, as a risk hedge, a “sell” limit order is placed twice as a lot.
・ When a “Sell” limit order is executed, a “Buy” limit order is placed in twice as many lots as a risk hedge.
・ For payment,Break even stop functionBy
Since the interest will ride to the minimum profit securing Pips, it will be trailed,
There is no loss of profits when you get a profit.

◎ Image of ordering (if you break out of 125 yen)

◎ Image of ordering (when 125 yen is not broken out)

◎ Parameter explanation
・ Magic: Magic number
・ BreakOutPrice: Breakout set price
・ Entry: Buy stop price for 1, stop limit for -1
・ Lots: Number of lots
-DotanRatio: how many lots to set when doten (default 2)
・ TrapIntervalPips: How far away from the previous position when drawing, pips (default 10)
MaxCnt: Maximum number of tickets (default 2)
・ BreakEven: Breakeven pips (target profit, default 10)
-BreakEvenColor: BreakEven horizontal line color (default Aqua)
-TrailingStop: Trailing stop pips (pips to track the current price, default 10)
Depending on the brokerage firm, if the BreakEven and TrailingStop parameters are too small (for example, 1), it may not be settled well. In that case, adjust it to a larger value.
-TrailingStopColor: TrailingStop horizontal line color (default DeepPink)
DigitsMinus: Breakeven stop roughness (default 0)
When 0 is set, it operates in units of 1pips.
When 1 is set, it operates in 10pips units (in this case, BreakEven and TrailingStop parameters are
Make it a multiple of 10. )
• profitPips: Take profit pips (default 0).
・ LosscutPips: Loss cut pips (default 0).
-TejimaiMode: In the case of 1, when the number of positions reaches maxCnt, it is closed. In the case of 0, it is not closed (default 0).
-DisplayMode: whether to display parameters on the upper left of the screen? (Yes: 1, No: 0, Default 1)

◎ Notes on use
-Download the product file and the certification file, and use the product file in the Experts folder and the certification file in the Libraries folder.

◎ Operational results using the above strategies are disclosed below.
yumokin Portfolio Performance | fx-on.com

◎ Although it has been developed so that it can be operated by any EA-operable company, brokers that are not displayed as EA-operable companies have never been operated, so 100% guarantee cannot be made.
◎ Please use it after practicing with a demo account.
◎ We cannot compensate for the loss resulting from the actual transaction. Thank you at your own risk.

Use breakout positions and staggered positions to target profits.
Breakout Mr. | fx-on.com

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