FX trade support 3 point package

Of the strategies we have released so far
"GO with employment statistics", "Discretionary settlement support kun PRO", "Box breakout order kun"
Is offered at a reasonable package price.
It is cheaper than buying it separately.

It is recommended for those who have started MT4 but do not know what strategies to collect.
In particular, for any strategy,Break even stop functionIs implemented,
Since the interest will ride to the minimum profit securing Pips, it will be trailed,
There is no loss of profits when you get a profit.

I am also an FX trader (MT4 trader), but by using these strategies,
I feel that I can make a profit in total ^^.
See the links below for details on each strategy.

Employment statistics GO, Discretionary settlement support kun PRO, box breakout order kun XNUMX point package
FX trade support 3 point package
FX Trade Support 3-Point Package | fx-on.com

The actual operation results using the above strategies are disclosed below.
yumokin Portfolio Performance | fx-on.com

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