Introduction of overseas strategies (PA TRADE)

This is an introduction to strategies that seem to be quite excellent among the strategies registered in metaquotes.


Perhaps an excellent & popular strategy that competes for one or two of the metaquotes.

We trade based on price action, that is, candlestick movement. This type of strategy is rarely seen in Japan.

The back test is below.

It ’s too great for 7 years. . .

And the great thing about this strategy is

In one logic, it is a rising curve in all nine currencies below.

The price is 990 USD (as of 2015 / 9 / 29).

* At 2015 / 7 / 30, the price has risen from 590 $. Apparently, the price increases every time the version is upgraded.

Regarding the above strategy, the developer is the same person and Australian.

Is it because it is a pro-Japanese home that includes a lot of Japanese yen entanglement (laughs)?

In addition, we looked at the reviews of users, and as a matter of course, both were highly rated.

I am worried that there will be no performance in trading using domestic strategy (EA).

If you are a trader, how about considering purchasing?

Introduction preparation and introduction procedures are summarized below, so if you are interested, please refer to it.

◎ Preparation for introduction

◎ Introduction procedure

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