I tried backtesting CycleTrapMACD99.90_SCAL_GBPJPY using TickStory which realizes modeling quality 2%

Following the previous CycleTrapAsianBreak2,

I also backtested the "CycleTrapMACD2_SCAL_GBPJPY" strategy with TickStory.

◎ 2012 / 4-2015 / 6

Profit factor: 1.64

Maximum drawdown: 6.01%

It became the result.

The results of the forward test up to this week are as follows.

The characteristics of this strategy are as follows.

・ Follow-in trend follow EA using MACD.
・ GBP / JPY 15 minutes only.
・ Transaction time is limited to 15: 00-26: 00 Japan time.
・ No picking up, no martingale.

CycleTrapAsianBreak2 has fewer transactions, but a swing-type strategy

Compared to Teddy,

CycleTrapMACD2_SCAL has a higher number of transactions, but a small scal strategy that makes a profit

It becomes.

Trend-following EA with small losses using MACD
CycleTrapMACD2_SCAL_GBPJPY | fx-on.com

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