Alpari Japan's ordering trouble with MT4 account?

Today, Comment column of Alpari Japan's MT4 account is -3226 ×××

Since the position existed, the position was settled manually as a precaution.

● Consideration

When I looked at the corresponding log, 10 / 10 morning 03: This phenomenon occurred around 19.

For applicable orders,

Although it did not meet the conditions, it was ordered from EA.

Currently requesting cause investigation from Alpari Japan.

In a sense, this was a good study (because it was compiled, or there was a belief that EAs out there would not malfunction).

The points to be utilized in the future, including the possibility of EA misordering,

This means thorough risk management of operating funds.

So-called “do not put all the eggs in one basket”.

For example, if you were operating for 5 million yen,

Rather than operating 5 million in one account,

Make 5 accounts

Operate 1 million yen per account (or every securities company)

If it is distributed,

Even if there is any trouble,

It should be possible to disperse the loss.

In addition, since I found out the following article when I googled what the above-mentioned trouble is,

Keep it as a memorandum.

● If you are prepared, you say there is no sorrow.

It ’s said that there ’s no sorrow if you ’re prepared.

—– Cocokara

When the contractor's server fell at the moment when I had a large stretched position, I had no choice but to squeeze my finger in the state (((; Д Д)))))) ...

I have read in some articles that orders and payments were repeated until the account was punctured due to the EA's magic number ((o;

Really, if you are prepared, there will be no worries (^-^)


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