OANDA swap corruption continues

Around this spring,OANDA swap corruptionI posted about

It has not improved in the present after 3 months,

Every day orz you have to keep paying interest rates even though you are shorting the Yuror.

Since the EUR interest rate is less than the USD interest rate, if you think normally, you should be able to earn the interest rate with a Yurodor short.

This may be due to adjustments with the cover (the commission paid to the cover).

If you argue that you value your users, first of all, you want them to return their profits

It is hope.

So far, I have trusted OANDA before swap corruption, and I used it as MT4

I haven't tended to improve for now.

If you do not want to suffer this disadvantage, especially for swap-based MT4 traders,

I think it would be better to use an NDD (No Dealing Desk) vendor (eg FXCM) that does not go through the cover.

By the way, in this business, of course, you can get a swap by shorting the Yurodor.

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