“CycleTrapAsianBreak2” strategy wins over 100,000 in a row of rage wins

The other day, CycleTrapAsianBreak2, which has just been released, won over 100,000 in a series of raging wins.

As a result, the start dash is so strong that it is in the top 10 in the fx-on forward ranking (last 3 months) ^^.

The features of this EA are as follows.

1. Loss and profit trend follow EA aiming for Asian break (9: 00-15: 00)
2, GBP / JPY 1 hour only.
3. Trading time is limited to 15: 00-26: 00 Japan time.
4, profit factor 1.56, maximum drawdown 9.47%
5, no Nanping, no martingale.

As for 1, we will take a position in the direction that breaks the Asian box (9: 00-15: 00). However, instead of taking a position in the dark clouds, it is technically filtered.

As for 3, we reduce trade by limiting transactions during times when trends are likely to occur.

GBPJPY is famous for its volatility that is said to be a murder currency,

For that reason, it can be said that the trader's mentality is easy to break (easy to break)

We consider it a difficult currency for discretionary trading.

On the other hand, it is a currency that is suitable for systre that trades gently with logic that excludes all emotions

thinking about.

The recent GBPJPY is undergoing a high volatility trend, so how about one of the portfolios?

EA to enter using Asian Box Breakout. Backtest verified for the past 11 years.
CycleTrapAsianBreak2_GBPJPY | fx-on.com

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