After 2014 year 12 month 8 day, FXCM spreads become super cheap.

Even in the MT4 industry, I feel that the spread competition has been intensifying recently.

Meanwhile, after 2014 year 12 month 8 day, the FXCM spread seems to be half the price so far.

As FXCM says, “No transaction restrictions, no EA restrictions”

Since the server is originally strong, there is a possibility that it will be upgraded to the main contractor.


■ 2014 year 9 month interbank spread data results of major currency pairs (according to our research)

▼ Currency pair ▼ September average spread ▼ Spread rate below zero (*)
Dollar yen 0.22 12.73%
Eurodollar 0.13 22.40%
Pound yen 0.97 1.02%
Euro yen 0.51 2.60%
Australian dollar 0.44 5.85%
NZ dollar yen 0.94 1.00%
Pound dollar 0.48 5.19%

* The spread rate below zero is for all ticks delivered in 2014 month of 9.
Percentage of zero spread minus minus spread

<Please check>
The above spread is a past actual value.
There is no guarantee.

We will disseminate information on automatic trading software development that will support FX users.
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