CycleMarketOrder strategy

As a long-term automated trading strategy that I am currently doing,

By CycleMarketOrder


・ Selling EURUSD

there is.

Because, in the long run, the dollar will have higher interest rates and a stronger economy,

On the other hand, the euro has only weak economic indicators,

And there is also the impact of introducing zero interest rates,

This is because the incentive you have is not working and we expect it to become weaker.

As a feature of CycleMarketOrder,

The so-called Tori-Torido Trap is ordered as a market order.

However, it is different from the usual trolley ● EA in that multiple currencies can be operated on 1MT.

Therefore, it is easy to assemble a portfolio like the one above.

We will disseminate information on automatic trading software development that will support FX users.
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