For the time being, Yurador (Yakuza currency) is unnecessary.


I understand that I don't want to break 1.12.

It's long in June.

If I thought ... the next day, Prime Minister Merkel

"A too strong euro makes it difficult to reform Spain and Ireland,"

Yurodor is 1.12 crack orz.

Recent Yurodol,

(1) Yuro High due to rewinding short position of hedge fund in June

* According to the Chicago IMM currency futures position,

As of 2015 / 6 / 2, short positions are piled up.

In June, hedge funds with interim settlements tend to close and close positions,

Usually, rewinding occurs at this time.

② Yuro cheap due to Greek problems

(3) Remarks on high-level checks by politicians

Because the direction is not fixed, and there are days that move more than 200 pips a day,

If you put your hand down, there is a high possibility of being full-bocco.

At least until the end of June when ① settles down, I feel that it is useless.

PS.6 / 13 1: 00 current

If you think that Merkel's remarks are valid, I have recovered 1.127 due to the influence of 1 above.

After all, Yurodol is a Yakuza currency decision (no technical relations, everything is for adult players).

Beginners should keep the dollar yen away.

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