Added discretionary payment support-kun PRO function

Yesterday, we released the version upgrade (V3.9) that added the following functions, incorporating the needs of purchasing users.

XNUMX. Automatic loss cut setting function.
XNUMX. Mixed settlement function of discretion + systole position.


In the case of MT4, if you build a new position, it is usually troublesome because you need to insert the loss cut by hand, but by using this tool,

For the position where the loss cut is 0, the loss cut value set with this tool is automatically set.

As for XNUMX,

If you set magic to -1, it will give you a Break Even Stop payment for your discretion and cistre positions.

(Valid for discretionary and cistre positions of the same currency pair).

As a result of repeating the version upgrades that incorporate user requests,

At present, I think that the quality is quite finished.

Supports position settlement. Loss cut automatic setting. Discretion + break even settlement of Sistre. Candle judgment.
Discretionary settlement support PRO
Discretionary settlement support PRO PRO |

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