Differences in revenue between MT4 vendors and VPS locations

Using the same EA,

I measured the difference in profit between MT4 contractor and VPS base in GBPUSD.

1. For ALPARI (spread 2.6pips) and domestic VPS:Total revenue 2,469

2. For OANDA (spread 1.3pips) and domestic VPS:Total revenue 3,669

3. For OANDA (spread 1.3pips) and overseas VPS (VPS installed in the same data center as the OANDA server called BeeksFX):Total revenue 3,669

● Consideration

From the above 1 and 2, when GBPUSD is traded, it seems that the trade with OANDA is about 1.5 times more profitable than with ALPARI.

From the above 2 and 3, it seems that there is not much difference in profits between VPS sites.


For domestic VPS to OANDA server, it takes an average of 150ms to 300ms,

For BeeksFX to OANDA server, it only takes an average of 5ms,

In exceptional cases such as low liquidity times or sudden changes in market prices,

It may be safer to trade from an overseas VPS (it also means taking insurance).

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