Free EA

Free EA (fixed number of lots 0.01) that can be used in the production account can be downloaded from the following.

◎ Strategy Overview

-Transaction currency: Pound yen

・ Transaction style: Swing trade

・ Usage time: 1 time

·exit:"Payment supportSettlement of internal logic using the candle stop function.

・ Profit confirmation: Setting 0 is infinite. When a trend comes out, it provides explosive benefits.

・ Weekend measures: If you have a position on the weekend, you will be closed.

◎ Candle stop function

With regard to payments, many users have now purchased it and received favorable reviews.
Payment support toolPayment support"Candle stop function"
In the case of a buy position, near the lowest price of the most recent candlestick
・ In the case of a selling position, near the highest value of the most recent candlestick
Incorporates a function that automatically sets the loss cut.
Breaking the highest and lowest prices of the most recent candlesticks often causes a trend in the direction of the break,
I think it makes sense to place a loss cut near it. yumokin20181011.png


● YumokinAsianBreak


YumokinAsianBreak (Free EA, V5.00) 41.86 KB 121 downloads


● YumokinCCI


YumokinCCI (free EA, V1.60) 41.96 KB 82 downloads


◎ Notes on use

If you are interested in the paid version (unlimited lots)

Please contact us.

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