YumokinVOL strategy XNUMX-point package

YumokinVOL Strategy offers the following two points at a great package price. It is cheaper than purchasing it separately.

The pound-yen exchange rate has moved greatly (up about 400pips in a short time).

This week, the pound yen moved a lot. Analyze how each EA moved. YumokinVOL2019

"YumokinVOL2019" strategy 2019 year 11 month trade commentary

September / October and the Pound-yen exchange rate was rough, so the November trade chances were rare. In Axiory's production account, I took 27 day position and secured a profit of about 100pis.

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Verification when the number of trades of “YumokinVOL2019” is increased

“YumokinVOL2019” is a swing trade, so it is designed to be entered only when a trade opportunity comes, and there may be traders who feel unsatisfactory with only a few trades per month. Therefore, some internal parameters are disclosed so that the number of trades can be increased. However, the risk increases accordingly.

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YumokinVOL2019 As a result of improving tuning to a strong setting in recent years, 2005-2019 is a plus! ! !

Using Alpari data, tuning has been improved to a strong setting in recent years (plus in 2019).

YumokinVOL2019 "Mild compound function" free version upgrade was carried out.

YumokinVOL2019 is now able to have a compound interest function for each of the following positions. Number of Buy Lots in the 1st Position--Number of Sell Lots in the 11th Position--Number of Buy Lots in the 22nd Position (Doten)--Number of Sell Lots in the 32nd Position (Doten)-4 & n

Reason and logic to get 600pips with one blow Pound yen EA `` YumokinVOL2019 ''

Profit determination is 0 set, so if a trend comes out, infinite profit is provided.

"Payment Support-kun PRO" version upgrade (V7.00)

◎ Modified contents Added trailing stop mode

"YumokinVOL2019" forward test results

Broker: Axiory, Operating currency: Yen

"EA Stop-kun (Box Breakout Judgment)" version up

Market judgment indicator. Judge trend / range market price from box breakout and automate EA start / stop. ◎ Strategy Overview MT4 depending on whether the currency price is inside or outside the box

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